One-man exhibition 12th – 19th November


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French Connection



A. Tiger.-40x40.-2005. Oil on canvas





B.-Tiger.-40x40.-2005. Oil on canvas





C.-Tiger.-55x38.-2005. Oil on canvas





D.-Tiger.-46x61.-2005. Oil on canvas





E.-Tiger.-54x65.-2005. Oil on canvas





F.-Tiger.-54x65.-2005. Oil on canvas





G.-Tiger.-81x65.-2005. Oil on canvas





H.-Tiger.-100x81.-2005. Oil on canvas





I.-Tiger.-100x73.-2005. Oil on canvas





J.-Tiger.-65x100.-2005. Oil on canvas





K.-Tiger.-130x89.-2005. Oil on canvas





L.-Tiger.-162x130.-2005. Oil on canvas





M.-Tiger.-195x130.-2005. Oil on canvas





N.-Tiger.-130x195.-2005. Oil on canvas





O.-Tiger.-195x130.-2005. Oil on canvas





P.-Tiger.-150x150.-2005. Oil on canvas





Q.-Tiger.-150x150.-2005. Oil on canvas





R.-Tiger.-150x150.-2005. Oil on canvas

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On Uffe Christoffersen’s meeting with the Tiger.

Uffe Christoffersen’s meeting with the tiger happened in 1974. In order to work on his final task at the Royal Danish Academy of Art he went to the Zoo. The result was a rather classical composition depicting a colourful lion in a cage. Uffe Christoffersen’s first study in depth before the tiger figured as his sole subject matter was the richness of colour in all its chemical and aesthetic dimensions. He worked for 8 years in the Technical Colour Laboratory.

Today Uffe Christoffersen still talks as a poet, an historian, a chemist about Cinnabar Red, a mineral mined in Southern Spain and used as a colour pigment. The truth of each individual colour remains true for the colour red. The painter adds “a double symbolism depending on its clarity” to its original symbolism.

“The brilliant, clear colour which shines extrovertly belongs to the day. It is cool and gives one the urge to act when it throws its light over the world like a big, shining sun.” Later he says: “The dark, heavy colour on the other hand is nocturnal, secret and introspective. It symbolises life’s mysteries. It warns, holds you back…”

The magic in the painter’s universe consists in this meeting between the subject matter, the tiger, and a subtle palette with an unbelievably wide range. The colours are equally bubbling and shining, whether they are painted on canvas or paper, with water colours or oils, small, medium, large or gigantic in size. The artist looks for their expressive strength. He is a colourist, but especially an expressionist.

But when he looks at the world, when he observes the great international happenings, as well as experiences and happenings in his everyday life, he needs to understand and work it through. In 2005 he produced a series of paintings called “Tiger Fables”, inspired by the many versions of Æsop’s and La Fontaine’s fables, which he has read again and again. The lion has been replaced by the tiger, his favourite subject matter.

The many sketches and water colours as well as the oil paintings make up a unity where the artist, while still retaining his characteristic imagery, renews his inspiration. “Walking in one’s own world of fables” is meeting humans on the earthly plane.

Catherine Plassart