The Jorgen Ostergaard Gallery 2006.

from 26th March 2006



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Bl tiger. 73x60-cm. 2006

Blue Tiger. 73x60cm (28.7x23ins) 2006



Caput-Mortuum-tiger. 116x80 cm. 2006

Caput Mortuum Tigris. 116x80cm (45.6x31.49ins) 2006




Grn-Blaa tiger. 92x73 cm. 2006

Blue-Green Tiger. 92x73cm (36.2x28.7ins) 2006




Hommage  Eugne Delacroix. 130x162 cm. 2006

Hommage Eugne Delacroix. 130x162cm (51.1x63.7ins) 2006




Hvid tiger. 73x92-cm. 2006

White Tiger. 73x92cm (28.7x36.2ins) 2006




Liggende gul tiger. 54x73 cm. 2006

Resting Yellow Tiger. 54x73cm (21.2x28.7ins) 2006




Liggende rd tiger. 54x73 cm. 2006

Resting Red Tiger. 54x73cm (21.2x28.7ins) 2006



Orange tiger p bl baggrund. 70x70 cm. 2006

Orange Tiger on Blue Background. 70x70cm (27.5x27.5ins) 2006



Rd Tiger. 54x73 cm. 2006

Red Tiger. 54x73 cm. 2006



Snigende gul tiger. 73x92 cm. 2006

Stalking Yellow Tiger. 73x92cm (28.7x36.2ins) 2006



Tiger,tt p. 60x73 cm. 2006

Tiger, Close-up. 60x73cm (23.6x28.7ins) 2006



Tigerprofil. 116x89 cm. 2006

Tiger Profile. 116x89cm (45.6x35ins) 2006



Tiger p rd grund. 54x73 cm. 2006

Tiger on Red Ground. 54x73cm (21.2x28.7ins) 2006



To forelskede tigre. 73x60 cm. 2006

Two Tigers in Love. 73x60cm (28.7x23.6ins) 2006



To tigre. 65x54 cm. 2006

To Tigers. 65x54cm (25.5x21.2ins) 2006



To tigre der sls. 60x81 cm. 2006

To Tigers Fighting. 60x81cm (23.6x31.9ins) 2006