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Decoration in foyer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen


Pictures from my studio

Paintings nearly ready for the coming exhibition at Galerie Birch in November 2005



Sketches for the paintings




Panorama from my studio


Poster of the Year 2005

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Galerie Birch
Bredgade 6
1260 Copenhagen K.

Rockwool Artist of the Year 2004 is
Uffe Christoffersen with the picture ‘Tiger’s Mouth’


Tigergab. 195x130 cm.

Paintings I am working on for CORNER 2005

2 billeder à 200x154-cm.

2 pictures à 200x154-cms

Odysseus' mandskab, 146 x 114 cm.

Odysseus’ Crew, 146 x 114 cms

Below is a view of my studio December 2004

…working on some pictures for the exhibition at  Galleri Gl. Lejre med
opening 15th January 2005


Museet for Dansk Kunst

has acquired in April 2004 ‘Tiger Night’ 200 x 250 cm 2000-2004

6. - 20. marts 2004

Galerie Birch

Exposition Personnelle


Bredgade 6, Copenhague.


Below you can see pictures from the exhibition at Galerie Birch





Below a view of my studio

…with paintings destined for the exhibition at Galerie Birch

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